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We, at ALIHUB Solutions, are your one-stop destination for all kinds of solutions as well as services related to a photocopy machine. We offer all kinds of sell, rent and repair services to all the individuals as well as companies located throughout Malaysia relating to a copier machine.

From supplying copier of some of the most notable brands to extending various rental services as well as schemes suiting your needs and budget – our services revolve around three main heads:

Sale of the photocopy machine:

We offer a wide selection of the latest photocopy machines as well as multi-functional printers of some of the most notable brands in the business. We supply copier from various brands and some of the topmost mentions include Fuji Xerox, Canon, Ricoh, etc. so as to suit all your needs and requirements of perfect photocopy machines.

We are one leading photocopy machine supplier extending its services throughout Malaysia. No matter what industry you operate, we make sure to find the right machine that meets all your requirements.

Rental of the photocopy machine:

Apart from carrying out the sale of the photocopy machines belonging to different brands, we have also associated ourselves with the rental services of the copier machines. Thus, if you are not keen on buying a photocopy machine, fret not for you can easily rent the concerned machine by contacting us. Just like the machines displayed for sale, our rental photocopy machines, too, belong to some of the notable brands such as Canon, Ricoh, and Fuji Xerox so as to offer you the best results within no time.

We are a leading hub of photocopy machine rental and with us, you can rent out a photocopy machine anytime for any purpose. You can clearly avoid the large upfront costs that are associated with buying a new machine and also save yourself from high maintenance as well as resource fee.

All you are required to do is to pay a minimal monthly rental to us and you can keep the copier machine for as long as you want. Our photocopy rental service is very hassle-free in nature.

Repair and Maintenance Service of the photocopy machine:

Apart from selling as well as renting out the best photocopy machines to you, we also carry out the service related to repair and maintenance of the concerned photocopy machine. Our service team comprises of the certified technicians who come with years of experience in the field of repair and maintenance services of the copier machines belonging to different brands. Whether you are carrying out the operations from the house or in the office, we always make sure to provide you with the best repair and maintenance service using the best tools as well as the skill of our talented technicians.

Get in touch with us for any kind of service and we promise you to serve you with the best! We are the best in terms of providing many photocopy machine services.